Straight Modular kitchen


We always give the space for our clients to what they think first. Then we give the plenty of kitchen designs catalogue to choose the appropriate designs.



If there is one thing that is predominantly emphasized while designing a kitchen, it has to be storage. Kitchen is an integral part of every household but it is designed in a way where it holds a lot but very less is seen. Even though all this is true, may a time the space allotted for kitchen is overlooked and we can be left with a very cramped space.

In order to omit that altogether we suggest you go with straight layout kitchen design that doesn’t take much space but comes with great storage and functionality. And with the number of choices available in the market with regards to colors and finishes, you can pick the one that suits your taste and voila you have a beautiful kitchen space that doesn’t make you go catch air every time there are more than two people at once but also hides all the cutlery from your toddlers.

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