Living room Interior


Design your living room in different styles.

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An open floor plan is a great idea for a compact space but when we have big policies with multiple people in a single room doing various activities it can become a bit distracting which is why we need correct spatial planning. While we are not fans of the box-y partitions what we can choose are grill panels and wooden panels that can be used as visual partitions and give an apparent sense of division. And, these panel partitions come in attractive packages too and can be a real eye candy apart from also being an integral functional element. These panels can be used to divide living space from dining space, dining from vanity or even foyer from living without disturbing the open plan much. With panels like these, there are a lot circulation space that effortlessly blends with the design aesthetics of the interiors. There are so many amazing options of panel partitions for you to choose from!

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