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Even though it is said kitchen is the heart of the home, living room sets the tone for your whole house. It’s the place where your family spends the time together or you wind up after a long hectic day in front of the tv on your couch. You keep three things in mind, layout, ventilation and design theme. A layout helps you function better. Ventilation improves your quality of living and design theme brings in the oomph factor. You can never go wrong with white which is why we have picked that out as our dominant colour. Paired up with straight lines and dark wood, it’s as elegant as it comes. The warmth and coziness of home is brought alive with the warm yellow lights and to break the monotony of white we have introduced multiple pops of patterns in furnishings. The L-shaped sofa acts as the perfect pice of furniture for a big size family or for a couple who have a lot of guests over. The tv is placed in a position to avoid glares which improves your viewing and your ventilation is achieved by the placement of window. The wall behind one side of the sofa acts as an accent wall with the pattern wall art which works as a great photo op. The center table is perfect in proportion to the table. The placement of sofa, center table and the rug draws invisible margins to the living room. And to begin with the entertainment unit, it’s sleek, elegant and classy. The recessive colour of grey blends beautifully with the overall mood of the design presenting a picture perfect home for you move in and have some amazing Friday night parties or Sunday brunches



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