Modern CNC Divider Partition

This partition style is simple, contemporary and offers functionality to meet any modern need.


This is a modern, tree-shaped partition, With a unique shape and easy to maintain. This piece of furniture can be used as a divider or wall panel. It looks great in any small room or even an entryway. It has many advantages such as easy to install, looks beautiful and is convenient to use. It can be used in kitchens and living rooms as decoration.

The Modern CNC Divider is made of high quality MDF wood, with a beautiful smooth finish. It has a tree-like design and can be used to create different types of furniture. The dividers are installed in the wall with a CNC machine and then the assembly is CNC-machined to create an impressive texture.

This divider partition sets perfectly against the front of your wall, allowing you to create a clean and modern look in your room. The partition is made using high quality particle board, making it easy to assemble and design with any colors that you like. This partition also allows you to divide any space into individual areas as needed, so no matter how big or small your home is, it will be easier to manage with this CNC partition wall. This product is available in various colors with the selection of colors shown on each product listing.


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