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  • L shape Kitchen

    Kitchen is an inborn piece of each house and a spot where a great deal of time is used. In that capacity, it ought to be intended for comfort and usefulness. Separated from this, more individuals are using cash to guarantee that it’s tasteful, polished and contemporary. A Modular kitchen consolidates all these viewpoints. In a generally arranged Modular kitchen, a lot of capacity might be made even in a little space. Despite the fact that a bit on the lavish side, a Modular kitchen is not difficult to introduce and keep up.

    Dividers painted in white, stone ledge, mosaic or checkered deck, uncovered and durable bond racks, window with blind printed in splendid flower plans and a dusty tube light roosted high on the roof - this is the way most conventional kitchens looked like. Gone are the days when a kitchen sometimes made it to the rundown of things that required renovating and redesign. 

      L Shaped, is the most popularly searched types of modular kitchens in our website

        L shaped kitchens have a large or small counter running  with a sink on one wall, range on the other, and may be a preparation sink in the island, thereby making a huge counter space possible. This type is ideal when one is faced with a space crunch.

        Indian’ style modular kitchens are more popular and receive four times the number of visits when compared to the ‘Italian’ style modular kitchens.

        Indian’ style kitchens are mostly ‘L shaped’ which enhances the floor space. It makes the counter workable and free of space crunch with drawers and cabinets embedded in this kitchen design

  • U shape Kitchen

    U-Shaped The kitchen has been fully customized  according to your need

  • Straight Kitchen

    Latest collections of Straight modular kitchendesigns.

  • Acrylic Kitchen

    Acrlic Kitchen

  • Modular kitchen sq...

    Modular kitchen sq feet rates

    Modular kitchen looks slick, generally sorted out and delightful in homes. The exceptionally modular kitchen set up, inspires the ornamentation of a kitchen. Then again, if on one hand individuals want for the lovely particular kitchen, they are apprehensive about the high cost it includes.

    Worry no more! With a couple of tips, serving as some minimal effort modular kitchen tenets, now you can have your sharp kitchen in not whenever!

    Strive for hand craft or customized than readymade

    This is one of the most ideal approaches to overlook unnecessary expenses, which are constantly on the higher side with readymade modular kitchens. This will permit your woodworker to take your real kitchen estimations, consider your decision of material, fittings or more all, essential necessities of your funding!

    Keep it simple and sweet

    To control costs, its best to strive for a little development space. This will keep the undertaking cost less. Leaving more space for development and less on cupboards and drawers will be useful for the general look and feel of the kitchen also. Settle on a configuration, which will satisfy your essential necessity in less space, while keeping space for nothing development!



    Get a schedule right from the begin

    To have a schedule right from the beginning is a decent approach to keep a track of costs, as per plan. Right from sourcing materials, expense of work, painting expense and so forth ought to be kept isolated to stay sorted out constantly. Additionally to save money on time and unnecessary expenses, keep material prepared. This may spare one from purchasing reinforcements!

    Analyse well

    As opposed to passing by your foremen cites, dependably have a couple of quotes of your own, from different builders. For this, do some basis on a few builders. You can allude verbal or a few references and get your own particular quotes, before you aimlessly run with the picked builder. In any case, other than expense, additionally guarantee its value regarding builders experience.

    Search for your own particular material

    To keep away from unnecessary material expenses, its best to purchase the material for yourself. Thusly you will spare expenses furthermore get the delight to screen the outline without anyone else present. Case in point, purchase your decision of material or fittings, from a spot, where you accept it will be accessible for shabby. You may need to do some exploration, yet its value doing so!

    Try to find Wholesale markets

    To maintain a strategic distance from high expenses, dependably purchase from suppliers, who are there in entire deal markets. Mass arrangements for trays, racks and pullouts will cost your less expensive than the retail outlets!

    Get included and do a few nuts and bolts without anyone else's input

    As opposed to bringing about work, who may be charging you on for every day or more awful, for every hour premise, get a few works allocated to yourself, to minimize the expense. For example, essential brushing or painting work might be taken up by you, to spare expense.

    Get environmentally friendly!

    In no way like sparing vitality to spare expense! This will keep your surroundings clean, will be practical and in particular make you like your home! Supplant your standard lights in kitchen with vitality sparing Cfls and water sense water purifiers. On a yearly premise you will spare all the more regarding power or water bills. Elective vitality alternatives like sun oriented water heating appliance and so forth are likewise incredible choices to think on.

    Strive for Indian employ

    You may like the look and feel of that modular kitchen from the inner part adornment magazine, yet that does not mean shelling a bomb! You can in any case get a comparable look and feel, by basically selecting Indian handle instead of the foreign one!

    Ease modular kitchens are not a dream any more. A couple of shrewd tips and a caution and dynamic personality, can keep your ledger protected from getting gouged in building an architect modular kitchen.

    Bored? Then try our Modular kitchen sq feet rates

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Showing 1 - 5 of 20 items